Deadline for submission
 18th November, 2017

'Showcasing the can-do Igbo Spirit: Innovations and Inventions from the South East.’

Criteria For Application

A. Age

(1) There is no age restriction for applicants.

B. Collective Inventions

Submissions invented/innovated collectively by up to and including three persons

will be accepted. In such cases, all the individuals must sign the application form

Requirements for Submission of Inventions and/or Devices

Each invention or device must be created by the submitting individual(s).

Note: Submitting individual(s) must sign the disclaimer form attesting to the

invention/innovation being their own and bearing all copyright responsibilities

Invention and/or device to be submitted should meet the following criteria:

 Creativity and originality from a technical perspective.

 Apparent advantage or benefit.

Note: works of art such as poetry, short stories, artistic paintings and

sculptures, as well as basic research reports and observation records shall not

be accepted.

The Display of Inventions and/or Devices

The invention or device itself must be put on display, as a principle.

Note: Applying individuals shall bear the responsibility for the safety of

transporting their invention/innovation to the exhibition site. Ola ndi Igbo

cannot accept liability for any damage to any invention/innovation either

during the transportation or exhibition of the invention/innovation.

In the case that an invention or device should be a computer program or

any material that is not easily understandable in its basic form, the applicant

should prepare a presentation that attendees can clearly understand.

Examples of such presentations include models showing the invention's or

device's purpose and function, an explanatory panel, or a video tape

recorder(VTR) explaining the content.

The submission itself should not exceed one meter in height, length, and

depth or ten kilograms in weight.

Note 1: In the case an invention or device should exceed the size limits as

outlined, it may be substituted with a displayable model that clearly expresses

its purpose and function.

Note 2: If one wishes to submit a piece exceeding any of the maximums, the

matter must be explained to and cleared by South Saharan Social

Development Organization (SSDO) beforehand.


A. Parties to Submit Applications

(1) Applications must be submitted by the individual(s) inventors/Innovators

(2) Applications sent on behalf of inventors/Innovators shall not be accepted.

B. Formal Application

(1) All interested applicants must complete the application form

(2) Applications must be completed in English.

(3)Each applicant can submit up to three inventions and/or innovations.

(4) The deadline for the submission of applications is 18th November, 2017.

(5) Application forms should be submitted by E-mail only

Selection of winning Inventions/Innovations

(1) Judges shall be selected to evaluate the submitted inventions/innovations and

select the best twenty inventions in the order of priority

(2) The selections will be based on a strict pre-set criteria


 The Prize Ceremony

In the evening of the event, a ceremony shall be held for the winners to be announced

and receive their prizes.