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Ola ndi Igbo 2017 Fair 

 'Revitalizing the Can-do Igbo Spirit: Showcasing Innovations and Inventions from the South East.’

Ola ndi Igbo 2015

In 2015, another biennial event was convened, with the theme: Leveraging the Power of the Media, Arts, Tech, Education & Entertainment for Changing Paradigms and Future Realities.  

The Target Participants were Ola Ndi Igbo in the global media, arts, technology, education and entertainment industries.


Its Objectives were to: 

• Provide a platform for leading individuals of Igbo descent in the global media, arts, technology, education and entertainment sectors to meet and network with each other, building bridges across geographical divides in the United States, Europe and Nigeria, broadening their horizons and enhancing their careers

• Discuss and deliberate on the role that the global and the Nigerian media, arts, technology, education, entertainment sectors can play in telling the history of Ndigbo, preserving our culture, language, and stories, changing paradigms and unlocking our great potential

• Showcase excellent initiatives being piloted by social innovators to celebrate and strengthen Igbo history, culture, music, language and values who are worthy of support, and provide an opportunity to showcase these innovations and propel them.

The outcomes of the program were Grants to five beneficiaries from various organizations to boost their effort and sectors groups were formed and given task to further drive the vision of the program.